With smartphones, social media and more, our lives are more connected than ever. We are committed

to working together to make sure Cincinnati's transportation system is better connected, too.

We’ve spent a lot of time poring over numbers and trends and traveling to cities across the country to study what makes a connected region. 


  • Three of four regional jobs require an unacceptably long 90+ minute
    commute by public transportation.

  • Our region's roads and bridges need new investment.

  • Advances in technology are rapidly changing the transportation landscape.

  • We must increase the reliable transportation options so everyone can access all that we have to offer.

We looked closely at many of our peer cities and found that the ones that were most successful had a clearly-defined vision for what they wanted to achieve and  had a broad and diverse set of stakeholders working to make that vision a reality. 


Invest in the future of public transit

We know that only 22.5% of jobs are connected by a 90 minute commute via public transportation. We also know that the challenge of connecting people to jobs, education and health care is driven,in part, by the lack of fast, convenient and direct bus service.  That has to change if the Cincinnati region is going to continue to thrive. Focusing on the future of public transportation and investing in a system that connects people across the region is critical to the region’s sustained economic prosperity.





From independent small businesses to Fortune 500 companies with global reach, the passion of our local business community has always been one of our most reliable assets.


It is that energy and commitment to improvement that inspires us to establish a more connected region.


Our transportation work is laser-focused on ensuring our region builds and sustains a multi-modal regional
transportation network that connects people to jobs and supports a talent-rich workforce.


We are bringing together business leaders, policymakers and the public to articulate a shared community voice on transportation priorities that will strength our region’s competitiveness, facilitate economic development and place us on the cutting edge of transportation innovation.


We are committed to making data-driven decisions that bring together public and private resources to advance the

region’s shared transportation vision.



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